Who is this tool for?

This tool is for junior doctors in England on the 2016 contract. If you are a junior doctor in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you can use the Riddell formula calculator which applies to the 2002 contract.

Do you work LTFT?

If you work on a less than full time (LTFT) basis, you will have a copy of the full rota template of which you will work a proportion. Input the details of the full rota template into the checker. If the rota is compliant, you can then agree with your supervisor, the proportion you will work in your work schedule discussion.

Rota checker tool use during COVID-19

Checking rotas valid up until 5 August 2020

The BMA and NHS Employers have agreed the steps to take in instances where it is impossible to implement the working hours restrictions and rest requirements in the 2016 contract with the Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) as the fallback position for the duration of the pandemic.

If these steps are taken, the following rule breaches that are identified by the Rota Checker will still apply:

  • A maximum average working week of 48-hours
  • At least 11 hours continuous rest between rostered shifts
  • A maximum shift length of 13 hours

The remaining breaches the tool identifies may temporarily be locally agreed to be relaxed.

You will still be paid according to the 2016 contract. Use the tool to find out your average weekly working hours to ensure this is done correctly.

BMA - Junior doctors terms and conditions during COVID-19

COVID-19: managing junior doctor rota changes in England

Checking rotas valid from 5 August 2020 onwards

All junior doctor rotas in England must be compliant with the all the contractual rest and safety requirements of the 2016 TCS. This means rotas will need to comply will all of the rules checked by the Rota checker tool.

This follows the BMA requesting that the joint statement be withdrawn as Covid-19 related service pressures have reduced and in the interest of junior doctor health and wellbeing, Read our full statement on our withdrawal from the statement for more detail.

Need more information?

For the latest guidance on the 2016 contract, please visit the BMA website.

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