What the rota checker will tell you

The BMA rota checker tool has been designed specifically for junior doctors who are transitioning to the new 2016 contract. We will check your rota against the rules in schedule 3 of the 2016 Terms and conditions of service (TCS).

Are you on the 2002 TCS?

This tool does not apply to rotas which have been designed for the 2002 terms and conditions of service. If you are not sure which TCS you are working under, check the implementation timetable. Alternatively, contact our BMA employment advisors.

Do you work LTFT?

If you work on a less than full time(LTFT) basis, you should have a copy of the full rota template which you will work a proportion of. To use this tool, input the details of the full rota template into the checker. If the rota is compliant, you can then agree with your supervisor, the proportion you will work in your work schedule discussion.

Terms used

Long shift

10 hours or more.

Long evening shift

A long shift starting before 16:00 rostered to finish after 23:00.

Night shift

At least 3 hours of work in the period 23:00 – 06:00.


Period during which you are required to be available at home to be called into work or give advice over the telephone.

Low intensity on-call rota

Duty on a Saturday and Sunday where no more than 3 hours of work takes place on each day and no more than 3 episodes of work each day – up to 12 consecutive shifts of this type can be worked.


Any shifts/on-call periods where any work falls between 00:01 Saturday and 23:59 Sunday.

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Need more information?

For the latest guidance on the 2016 contract, please visit the BMA website.

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