Junior doctors rota checker

Welcome to the BMA rota checker for junior doctors. The rota checker has been designed specifically for junior doctors who are moving to the new 2016 contract.

The new terms and conditions include a range of new safe working hours restrictions and rest requirements, meaning that many junior doctor rotas will need to be re-designed in order to ensure they are compliant.

We will check your rota against the rules in schedule 3 of the 2016 Terms and conditions of service (TCS).

We will tell you if we don't think your rota is compliant so you can follow up with your employer.

Alert: The rota checking tool is currently being updated in line with the recent contractual clarification that the BMA agreed in May 2018, regarding the 72 hours in any seven day period limit. We expect the updates to be implemented by 2 July 2018. Until such time, the results of the rota checker do not reflect the clarification to the contract. For further information on the changes, see our rostering guidance.